Father-in-law kills widow of Raymond Davis’ victim, Faizan Haider

The American CIA agent, Raymond Davis had left the country after killing two innocent Pakistanis, now after a year has passed by, his legacy stirs another series of murders in Pakistan.

The widow and mother-in-law of one of Raymond Davis’ victims named Faizan Haider, were found dead in Johar town area of Lahore, on Monday. Aaj News reported.

Faizan Haider and Faheem Shamshad had been shot dead by American spy Raymond Davis, while another man was crushed to death by an American Consulate car, which came to rescue the American spy in a market area of Lahore on January 26, 2011.

Faizan Haider who was shot dead by the CIA agent in late January 2011, left behind a small family which included his pregnant wife Zohra.

According to reports, Zohra and her mother Nabeela were shot dead by her father-in-law.

The suspect is identified as Shehzad Butt, who reportedly fled after shooting Nabeela inside their home and her widow daughter Zohra out on the street while she was trying to get away.

According to bystanders, a domestic brawl occurred between the two parties over the share of blood money received by both victim’s families.

Zohra who was left out of the blood money share and Faizan’s immediate family as well, had planned to marry for the second time, to which the father-in-law did not agree and hence committed the heinous crime.

The bodies of Zohra and Nabeela have been shifted to the hospital for further medical analysis.

The other victim of Raymond Davis, Faheem Shamshad had a wife who soon after his murder committed suicide, fearing that the Pakistan government would let Raymond Davis leave the country without holding him responsible for the murders he committed publicly, in Lahore.