Explosion hits Egyptian pipeline

EGYPT: Sources on Monday reported that an explosion hit the Egyptian pipeline which was carrying gas to Israel and Jordan. The explosion was for the 14th time since the uprising against President Hosni Mubarak began last year.

The Blast took place in the Northern Sinai at the entrance of the Mediterranean coastal town of Al-Arish. The sound of the blast was also heard by nearby residents. No group has yet claimed the responsibility of the attack.

The pipeline has been shut since an explosion took place on Feb, 5. The deal for gas was signed in Mubarak’s era in 2011 with Israel and is unpopular with some Egyptians with critics accusing Israel for not paying enough for the fuel.

The previous explosion has sometimes forced long shutdowns of pipeline run by Gasco. Egypt said that they would tighten the security along the pipeline by recruiting security patrols and installing alarms from Bedouin tribesmen in the area.