Dawn’s Magazine Editor, Murtaza Razvi, choked to death

KARACHI: Dead body of Murtaza Razvi, Editor of a Magazine at Dawn, was found in a Defence based office flat in Karachi on Thursday morning. Latest information suggest that the Editor was choked to death but the Police has stated that the cause of death can not be confirmed before the post-mortem.

According to a statement released by Dawn, the body of the deceased editor had several torture marks and his hands were tied up.

The body was found by the deceased’s wife and artist Shahid Rissam and it was later shifted to Jinnah Post Graduate Medical College for an autopsy.

The editor was missing since Wednesday night as reported by his wife. He was a renowned columnist and political analyst who performed his editorial work for Dawn from his own residence during 2005-2007.

Razvi is also known for his two books, ‘Musharraf: the years in power’ and ‘Ordinary People’. The earlier is a political biography of the former Chief of Army Staff whilst the later is based upon interviews with ordinary people of Pakistan about political, social and cultural issues.

Razvi leaves behind his wife and three daughters.