Cordon off?

The vibrant media in Pakistan is heading toward an unknown path which is giving birth to quacks and non-professionals, obviously exceptions are always there. In attempt to break the news first, TV channels are crossing all the limits of morality and decency and then proudly announce that we are the first to bring this news to you, without considering the impact and effect of that news on the public in general, victims’ families and how international media will intercept and interpret it. Apparently in the race of breaking of news media is following the saying “everything is legitimate in War & Love”.
The way the sorrowful and unfortunate incident of Bhoja Air Craft was covered and aired by the media is unacceptable, i.e. live visuals from the crash scene. In velocity to break the news the footage of victims were shown and recorded are highly condemnable, further, the way message was conveyed by the media to the families of the victims is entirely inappropriate. Similarly in bomb blast at Lahore Railway Station, the media reporters were found in same state of mind i.e. we are the first to bring news to you. Soon after the ill-fated incident media reporters were allowed to visit the incident scene. Where they were showing exact location of the blast by touching the floor and pointing towards different objects and on top of it their comments were adding fuel to fire. These sorts of activities are a big question mark towards responsibilities of the media.
It seems our media is following Gresham’s law theory which is basically an economic law principle in which one type of money undervalues another.  Specifically, our TV channels are inclined towards the stories which are detrimental and distracting and are undermining other stories which may have optimistic and constructive results.
In respectable and high moral societies media also shows its responsibilities and counted for. In case of incidents which have traumatic affects media always shows some Ariel footage etc. Similarly, crime scenes and incidents scenes are always cordoned off, so that law enforcing agencies can do their job. This also avoids any kind of speculations’ as media is updated by concerned investigating departments. If any channel decides to broadcast any incident related footage which can have negative results will do by taking all precautionary measures to avoid most vulnerable like, kids and old age people. They usually air such type of footage with due care and warnings and at selected time when kids and other vulnerable class is sleeping.
Our media has to establish good practicing norms and has to espouse moral values which have been established in advance countries and are ready to be adopted. Our law enforcing agencies can play important role to avoid mockery of the victims of any incidents, at least they can cordon off.
We have to develop the culture of moral values where human rights are not only recognized but also protected and guaranteed. We eagerly show our enthusiasm in adopting latest technologies, mobile phones and other personal advanced necessities of life. Why we can’t adopt good moral practices?