Civil Aviation Authority begins inspecting pvt airlines, starting with Bhoja

KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Authority has started it’s inspection drills from today, on Monday. This inspection is CAA’s effort to avoid any further tragedies like the Bhoja Air crash in Rawalpindi.

The Investigations started with Bhoja Air on top of the list.

CAA spokesman said, that the inspection process will be according to the Civil Aviation Authority standards and could take some time in its completion.

He said that Bhoja Airlines would be the first one to go through inspection followed by Shaheen Air and Air Blue air carriers.

The Civil Aviation Authority earlier announced that the aircraft operating under privately owned airlines will go through inspection from Monday onward. During the inspection period the under-inspection airlines would be able to operate in their normal flight schedule.

According to the CAA officials, they don’t have any orders stating that the private airplanes should be barred from conducting flights.

It should be noted that PIA airplanes had been inspected thoroughly about a month ago.

After the Bhoja Air crash, two other incidents have sparked fear into people’s mind about flying with privately owned airlines. A recent malfunction of landing gear in one of Shaheen Air International’s aircraft at Karachi airport due to which the airport ceased operations for more than 8 hours. While in another incident involving the same, Shaheen Airlines, an oil leak, discovered at the very last moment was stopped from taking off into the air.

In a statement on Monday, Interior Minister, Rehman Malik pointed out that the  AirBlue airlines which crashed in Islamabad last year, was owned by a PML-N member and that Bhoja Airline was given a license to fly in Nawaz Sharif’s regime in 1992.