GB sectarian violence: 10 people killed, call for Army to take over

Over 10 people were shot dead in another incident of killings in Bunardas area near Chilas, Gilgit Baltistan on Tuesday.

According to our correspondent, Unidentified Gunmen killed 10 passengers and set ablaze six other vehicles while a car was also plunged into the river.

The passengers were taken off the bus and were being gunned down, Sources said.

The convoy which includes buses and cars were on its way to Rawalpindi and stopped at Bunardas area. The passenger were asked to show their Identity cards and were then shot dead.

Police reaches the site and saved passengers were shifted to the police stations.

A curfew was already imposed in the city after the incident of today’s hand grenade attack to bring the situation under control.

Tense situation seized the movement across the city. The travellers, traders and students who wanted to move down country were also stranded due to closure of transport services.

Security across the six districts of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) was beefed up with deployment of additional security and increased in patrol to avoid possible spread out of sectarian violence.