BlackBerry OS 7.0 rated the most secure Operating System

A recent survey conducted by Trend Micro on April 11, compared the top mobile operating systems in order to understand the demands of users in the enterprise market. BlackBerry OS 7.0 scored higher than Apple iOS5, Windows Phone 7.5 and Google’s Android 2.3.

Each of the operating system was rated through a combination of factors including built-in security, application security, authentication, device wipe, device firewall and virtualization. In this survey, BlackBerry 7 was considered the most secure operating system. BlackBerry’s software got the highest score of 2.89, iOS 5 was rated at 1.7, Windows phone 7.5 at 1.61, and Android 2.3 at 1.7.

Researchers from Trend Micro said that BlackBerry 7 OS scored highest because of its corporate grade security and manageability, while the iPhone lacked removable storage. Windows Phone 7.5′s was applauded for its overall performance, though it was rated below the iOS5.

Google’s Android software emerged as the worst because the previous version of Google’s Android 2.0 is still running on most of the devices and they have security risk in it. The reason for the low rating can be contributed to the fact that the Operating System is considered to be incapable of providing centralized updates because of its fragmentation.