127 dead as Bhoja aircraft crashes in Rawalpindi

Bhoja Airline aircraft, a Boeing 737, crashed within the Hussainabad area in Rawalpindi on Friday evening. The area where the crash has taken place is nearby the Chaklala airport. The plane crashed 5 kilometers off the Chaklala airport runway.

Sources have confirmed that the aircraft has crashed into a residential vicinity within the Hussainabad area. According to Aviation department, Flight number B4-213 was carrying 121 passengers along with 6 crew members and was travelling from Karachi to Islamabad.

Witnesses in the area have stated that the aircraft was struck by lightening.

Rescue teams are currently working within the affected area where heavy rain and darkness is creating problems for the rescue teams. Rescue teams are currently searching for the “black box”.

It has been further reported that the aircraft is currently blazing with fire and measures are being taken in order to extinguish it. Dead bodies of many people are lying at the site, with rescue workers gathering the body parts of all the victims.

Nearby residents have also gathered to help with the rescue work along with various volunteers.

The Army has also arrived at the spot and has commenced their rescue operation.

Reports from Bhoja Airline authorities have indicated that no passenger survived the dreadful crash. “The dreadful accident could have occurred because of bad weather”, Bhoja Airline authorities stated.

The dead bodies of the unfortunate victims are being transferred to hospitals within Islamabad and Rawalpindi. PIMS hospital have created an information desk and relatives of the victims can contact the hospital with respect to the dead bodies and further information of the victims. The contact number is: 051-9260470

Rehman Malik has ordered an urgent inquiry into the plane crash.

It should be noted that Bhoja Airline had started its flight operation to Islamabad from April 20.