Babar Awan presents apology to SC

Former Law Minister Babar Awan, has requested the Supreme Court to grant him a pardon regarding the contempt of court case, on Tuesday.

After consulting his team of lawyers, The ex minister’s lawyer Ali Zafar took the responsibility of submitting the four page long written apology to the apex court.

Awan clearly stated an apology and expressed his regrets by saying that whatever he said to the press regarding the courts verdict on December 1 was not intentional.

Seeking pardon, specially from Justice Asif Khosa, Awan requested that the charges against him should be dropped and proceedings should be brought to an end after the apology.

Barrister Ali Zafar has also submitted an application in the Supreme Court stating that Awan would be leaving for India for a medical checkup on April 17, for which he should be allowed to be absent from the court.

The Contempt of court charges were brought forward against Babar Awan after he spoke out on Supreme court’s verdict regarding the Memogate issue, on December 1.