Audi: Enhanced Sales in the first quarter

FRANKFURT: Audi, one of the elite class German automobile manufacturers, have reported a record boost in their first quarter sales for 2012. The automobile giants, owned by Volkswagen, have associated this sales increase to an amplifying demand in China.

Audi have reported an increase of 10.8 percent in their sales as compared to previous year 1st quarter. The company has sold 346,100 cars globally within the 1st reported quarter.

All of this has been contributed because of a strong demand in China for Audi cars. The Chinese sales reached a towering 40.5 percent i.e. 90,063 in the first quarter.

Although the sales for Audi in Europe fell by 0.1 percent, the board members seem really confident over the success and the continuous growth of the company in the months to follow.