Atleast 200 people suffering from diarrhea in Hafizabad

HAFIZABAD: Atleast 200 people including 75 children suffering form diarrhea in Hafizabad due to contaminated water, unhygienic food, Aaj news reported.

As per the reports, 200 cases has been diagnosed with in 24 hours. The hospital administration says that they do not have sufficient beds in the children ward therefore three kids are using a single bed.

Most of the patients are children aged between 2-6 years.

According to our correspondent, More than 200 people came to city district hospital complaining severe stomachache 90 of them were admitted to the hospital and the rest were sent to homes after giving first aid.

Talking to Aaj news, Child specialist Dr. Amjad said that 150 patients are coming daily with the complain of diarrhea and vomiting.

Deaths caused by waterborne disease are very common in Pakistan specially in the rural areas.