A unique suitcase

Hammacher Schlemmer is offering its first ever self propelling suitcase which automatically provides power assistance when it encounters inclines or is strained to roll the luggage. The suitcase will power itself up the slope up to a maximum speed of 3 miles per hour.

The luggage is not much of a concern though; the suitcase powers up only when in motion, carrying a minimum of 15 pounds (the maximum is 70.5 pounds), and the handle comes out of the suitcase at an angle of 15 to 35 degrees.

When declining, the motors disengage, allowing a person to control the unit like traditional rolling luggage. The handle and suitcase are designed so that 85% of the carried weight is transferred to the wheels, reducing the load and enhancing maneuverability. The suitcase is battery operated and the integrated battery lasts up to 2 1/4 hours (or 1 3/4 miles) after a full charge and recharges via AC (adapter included) in five hours.

This little battery powered suitcase is not a cheap item to buy and is worth $1300.