Afghanistan: Two blasts in one day 15 dead, 33 injured

AFGHANISTAN: 15 people died and 33 got severely injured after two suicide bombs rocked Afghanistan on Tuesday. The blasts were deemed to target police and other government officials.

One of the blasts took place near the city of Herat where a car smashed into a government compound. As per the reports of the Interior ministry, 11 people died and 28 got injured. The dead included two policemen, one intelligence office and 6 civilians.

As per Sayed Agha Saqeb’s (Provincial Police Chief) statement, the suicide bombers were followed by the local police when they blew their vehicle near the Guzara district compound. The car was under strict observation and was ordered to stop but the order was denied by the bombers and the car was crashed into the government compound.

The car had two individuals with one wearing a burqa. The body of one of the bomber was totally destroyed whilst the other body remained firm with the suicide vest unexploded.

This blast was followed by another one (a few hours later) within the Helmand district which claimed the lives of 4 policemen. The blast took place within a government compound when three suicide bombers entered the compound with two of the bombers blowing themselves up while the third one was shot dead by the police officials guarding the Musa Qala police offices. The blast led to the injury of Abdul Wali (Police chief) and four other individuals.

Witnesses said that they had seen women in the children within the area of the blast before the bomb exploded and after the blast they saw several bodies scattered within the rubble.

No terror group has yet claimed the responsibility of the blasts but such explosions are deemed to be a scheme of the Taliban group who are actively trying to overthrow Hamid Karzai’s western backed government.