Urdu legend Ahsan Danish’s death anniversary today

A renowned Urdu literature poet of his time, Ahsan Danish, is being remembered by his fans, friends and family today on March 22.

A struggling bystander turned master of Urdu poetry, Danish symbolized the life of a common man and his struggles in life. His autobiography “Jahan-i-Danish” is a classic that tells about his journey of life and how he has motivated thousands by his poetry, Ahsan Danish recorded his many experiences of life which were motivational and inspiring to thousands of people.

With more than 80 books to his name, only about 3% his work has ever been brought forward through publication. His master pieces yet await publishing and recognition by Urdu enthusiasts and Urdu literary community.

Some of his unpublished work includes hundreds of articles and scored of poetic,philosophical,literature pieces including his most famous interpretation of “Diwan-e-Ghalib”.