Senate approves 2011 bill defining constituencies

The Senate on Thursday unanimously passed Delimitation of Constituencies Amendment Bill bringing the provisions of Delimitation of Constituencies Act, 1974 in conformity with Articles 51, 106 and 218 of the constitution as amended under the 18th constitutional amendment.

The bill was moved by Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Moula Bakhsh Chandio.

The House unanimously adopted important amendments in clause III of the Bill providing that the Election Commission may authorize three or more of its members, acting together, to exercise and perform all or any of its powers and functions under this act.

It has been further explained that where four members are authorized, the decision of majority shall prevail and where three members are authorized, the decision shall be unanimous.

In clause two of the bill, it has also been explained that (a) where the members attending the proceedings of the Commission are four and they are equally divided in their opinion; and (b) where the members attending the proceedings of the Commission are three and there is difference of opinion amongst them; the matter shall be placed before the Commission for decision.

According to the bill, a total 17 seats including 14 general and 3 women should be allocated to Baluchistan province in the National Assembly on the basis of the population.

Similarly, KPK should be given a total 43 seats including 35 general and 8 women seats, Punjab 183 including 148 general and 35 women, Sindh 75 including 61 general and 14 women, FATA a total 12 seats and Federal Capital two seats in the National Assembly.

There would be a total 332 seats in the National Assembly, including 272 general, 10 women seats.

As National Assembly has already passed the bill, the House unanimously adopted the amendments in clause III of the Bill.