KESC staff held hostage by Police DC South

Tuesday morning Karachi Electric Supply Corp deployed its ground team for the task of ‘meter checking’ was held hostage by DC South Jamal Mustafa Qazi and were later sent to Frere Police Station.

The KESC issued a statement saying, the 5-member team was on routine duty when it reached the residence of the DC South Jamal Mustafa Qazi, located in KMC Bunglows, Frere Town. The 5-member KESC team on duty, entered the premises to inspect the meter and that was the last that was heard from them, as since then they have been illegally and unlawfully held hostage by the guards present on the location.

According to latest information, four out of the five team members; Tasnim Ahmed (Supervisor), Anwar Shah (Lineman), Iftikhar (Karkun) & Mohammad Rafiq (Driver) have been sent to the Frere Police Station.

DC South Jamal Mustafa Qazi is an owner of a petrol pump, and has not paid his ‘load regularization charges’, the statement said.