Imran Khan: “I will save Umerkot from landlords”

-File photo

While addressing the people of Umerkot Imran Khan yet again claimed a mountain of tasks he will complete if given the opportunity.

He promised Umerkot freedom from the evil rule of landlords and feudal  mafia.

PTI took out there election campaign rally on Saturday, Imran Khan opened his speech by saying “I have good news for you, the days of the landlords – who impose their tyranny on you, who make humans their slaves – are near their end.”

This cruel system, where the poor man is sent to jail, while the one who loots the country becomes the president, will be put to an end by the PTI, he said. “We will hand over the power to you, no powerful person will oppress you.”

“They are not parties, they are a mafia… Their job is to come into power and loot money,” he said while pointing out his rival party leaders the PPP and the PML-N. They are “brothers in corruption” he added.

He claimed that both parties appear to be each other’s rivals while in reality they are together and scared to face PTI’s Tsunami of change which will evolve the political horizon of Pakistan and while his party will bring new systems of providing justice to the local man.