Fingers crossed for “Saving Face”, Pakistan’s first Oscar nomination

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Tomorrow, the 26th of February; can be a dream come true for some, for many others, it would be one of the proudest moments this year, as a Pakistani documentary will receive judgment by the hands of most watched and acclaimed award ceremony in the world, The Oscars.

The documentary titled “Saving Face” is directed by the first ever Oscar-nominated director from Pakistan, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. Her collaboration with Daniel Junge has been fruitful in the past when they co-directed the Emmy Award winning “Pakistan’s Taliban Generation”.Her other achievements include many awards for her work on various documentaries and in the field of journalism all over the world, she is also the first non-American person to be given a Livingston Award for the Best International Reporting in 2007.

Saving Face” is a heart-tearing and eye-opening tale of two women named, Zakia and Rukhsana, from Punjab, who were victims of acid throwing by their men. The story focuses on their fight for justice since those attacks and how they have learned to cope with the physical and the worsening long term emotional agony of being an acid attack victim.

The documentary inspires people who want to help make a change and improve conditions for women in Pakistan, people like Dr. Muhammad Jawad, who is a half British half Pakistani Plastic-Surgeon in the UK.

Dr Jawad who has a strong likeability of being a full time Philanthropist; has been coming to Pakistan for a while now, in this documentary he is seen trying to create awareness and help these acid victims in treatment and rehabilitation from the agonizing misery they have been put in. He was also the plastic surgeon for the British TV presenter Katie Piper, who was also victimized by an acid throwing incident by her ex-boyfriend.

The documentary as raw and sensitive it is; will definitely prove to be good for Pakistan’s face. Aspiring directors now see an array of opportunity and approval from the world. The victims’ testimony and their journey on-screen is set to be an eye-opener for people who are responsible for putting a stop to such heinous acts of violence which has become Pakistan’s domestic lifestyle.

This one of a kind first, is sure to be followed by hundreds and thousands of like-minded people who will  take on such social issues that are inhumane and discriminatory, and eradicate them from within Pakistan.

On 26th of February, Saving Face will either be awarded or rejected, but if you ask me, by taking this issue to such a globally recognized platform Sharmeen, Rukhsana, Zameen and Dr. Jawad, have already won.

Written By Farrukh Shabbir.