Sherry Rehman presents her credentials to Obama

Pakistan’s new ambassador to the United States Sherry Rehman has presented her credentials to US President Barack Obama as Islamabad’s top diplomat in Washingon.
President Obama welcomed Ambassador Rehman and her family to the White House on the ceremonial occasion, which marks a formal start to foreign envoys’ assignments in Washington.
Speaking about US-Pakistan bilateral relations in her meeting with President Obama, Ambassador Rehman highlighted the importance of a friendly relationship between two countries, based on “mutuality of trust, respect and interests.”
She cited Pakistan’s important cooperation with the international community and particularly its key partnership with the United States in defeating violent extremism in the last decade. In this respect, she noted Pakistan’s unparalleled sacrifices and massive efforts towards security along the Afghan border and the region at large, according to a Pakistani embassy official on Thursday.
The ambassador said key priorities in her assignment include strengthening the bilateral ties and setting them on firmer, transparent and equitable footing.
The ambassador said she will also seek Pakistani-American community’s support in advancing mutual ties.