Mansoor Ijaz refuses to come to Pakistan‎

American business tycoon Mansoor Ijaz has once again refused to come to Pakistan, said his counsel Akram Sheikh, on Tuesday.

According to AAJ NEWS, Akram Sheikh informed the “memo” commission that Ijaz has no trust in the interior minister’s word and that he will not come to Pakistan.

Sheikh also presented the email sent by Ijaz to the commission.

One of Ijaz’s conditions is that he would not come to Pakistan if people from the PPP or the coalition government were included in providing him security.

Earlier the Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that Ijaz will be provided full security.

In his appearance before the commission, the interior minister said that he did not threaten Mansoor Ijaz.

Rehman Malik handed over the DVD of statements in the case to the judicial commission headed by Qazi Faez Issa.

The interior minister told the commission, “I will put Mansoor Ijaz’s name on the ECL if asked to do so,” and added, “I did not take Mansoor Ijaz’s name, I said A, B, C, D can also be put on the ECL.”