Clashes between police and Lyari residents in Karachi

Participants of rally of Lyari residents turned violent as police tried to stop them using tear gas and resorting to aerial firing and baton charge on Friday.

The participants of the rally tried to move containers placed near Shaheen Complex and make their way towards the Chief Minister House. A large number of residents of Lyari neighbourhood, belonging to the PPP, took to the streets to press the government for acceptance of their demands.

Despite the hectic efforts police were unable to prevent the protesters to enter the Red Zone as some of the PPP workers managed to enter the area. Police arrested 20 participants while five rally participants sustained injuries and their fellows moved them to safe places.

Representatives of the Lyari Peoples Aman Committee, after being baton-charged by the police, and holding a sit-in at the Shaheen Complex, were finally allowed to proceed to Bilawal House to register their demands. Earlier, they said that they will not move till they are allowed to proceed to Bilawal House and their demands met.