PTI rally, threat to PML-N: PPP

Pakistan Peoples Party Punjab General Secretary Sami Ullah Khan said on Sunday that Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf successfully organised a big rally which is a threat to the PML-N.
Talking to APP, he said that vote bank of Pakistan Peoples Party was ideologically committed and the PTI rally showed the defeat of the PML-N in Lahore.
He said that future would decide how Imran Khan, PTI Chairman would penetrate in the politics but he had succeeded in mobilizing the citizens of Lahore. He declared the rally was a positive political activity unlike the PML-N rally which was a gathering of government employees.
Sami said the PML-N leadership should review its politics as it was damaging the democracy. To a question about the declaration of assets of the politicians, he said that every elected member of the assembly had to declare his assets and it was constitutional obligation of all parliamentarians.
He said Imran Khan should have explained his demand how he wanted the politicians to declare their assets?
Sami said that PTI chairman was unclear for several things in his address and next elections would decide about the future of his party.