Canadian comic Russell Peters insults Aishwarya

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, actress, classically trained dancer, former model, former Miss World, etc., etc., who has been called the world’s most beautiful woman by many people.

According to an entertainment web site at a promotional event for new Indo-Canadian hockey movie Breakaway (called Speedy Singhs outside Canada) Peters supposedly said: “Aishwarya is the biggest example of bad acting. She has proved it time and time again that in Bollywood, people can become superstars just by having a pretty face.”

And:“She hasn’t become a better actor. She is still good looking, isn’t that good enough?”

Russell also said that he doesn’t like Bollywood films.

“I hate Bollywood. The movies are all garbage, just terrible. It’s my opinion, obviously there are billions who like and love them.”

“I don’t like all the singing, dancing and all the dramatic crying. . . “

Maybe Russell was just being “in character” as they say, since the guy he plays in Speedy Singhs is, by his own description,  “a lovable jerk”.