Salman give arts lesson to college students!

Rare are the moments when superstar Salman Khan gives a peek into his real artist. Students of a Pune college were already in awe of his presence while shooting for ‘Bodyguard’, but the youngsters were in for a big surprise when Salman played an arts teacher one day!

Salman’s love for canvas is known to all, so when he was done with the shooting schedule at the Symbiosis college in Pune, he decided to give an impromptu art class.

Students were clearly taken by surprise during a lunch break.

During the session when one guy asked what the actor did during his spare time to relax, Salman said, “Painting took up most of his spare time as it also had a soothing effect on him.

“Then he proceeded to draw a sketch of Jesus on the blackboard with the colour chalks available in the classroom”, said a source.

Salman spoke at length about his interest in art and explained how he went about exploring himself as an artist. “He was pleased that several students there loved art, and so he encouraged them to find time to indulge in their creative interests,” said the source.