Rangers complete search operation in Lyari

Rangers apprehended more than 80 people during a search operation in different parts of Lyari on Sunday and recovered illegal weapons from their possession.

According to the details, heavy contingents of rangers including anti-terrorist wing cops entered Lyari from different sides on early Sunday morning and started a search operation that continued till noon.

Rangers cordoned off different areas of Lyari including Afshani Gali, Eidu Lane, Singo Lane, Gul Mohammad Lane, Usmanabad, Dhobi Ghat and Baghdadi. They searched all houses of the said areas.

After the completion operation, Brigadier Waseem Ayoub of Sachal Rangers told media that the during the operation more than 80 people were apprehended from different parts of Lyari, while the rangers recovered nine sub-machine guns, four hand grenades and huge quantity of bullets. The rangers also discovered two ‘torture cells’.

Meanwhile, people staged a demo against the Lyari operation and started aerial firing.

As a result two women received bullet injuries including 35-year-old Nasreen and 45-year-old Zahida. They were taken to Civil Hospital Karachi for medical treatment.