10 suspects arrested in Karachi search operation

Police and FC personals have arrested more than 10 suspects during the overnight search operation in various areas of the city on Tuesday.

Four suspects were arrested from Kahawaja Ajmeer Nagri, Zarina town during door to door search operation.

Police and Frontier Constabulary (FC) conducted overnight search operation in the areas of Khawaja Ajmeer Nagri, Sir Syed town and Baldia town.

Rangers also recovered arms and ammunition in the outskirts of Karachi during the operation from Anies Jee Graveyard in the area of Badia town.

Earlier, the Supreme Court took notice of the three months of continuous violence that claimed over 400 lives and is known as the worst violence the city has seen since the 1990s.

The police and Rangers along with 500 FC personnel have been deployed across the city in order to curb the spate of killings and regain normalcy.