Karachi: Two dead, two injured in a motorcycle blast

Two persons were killed and two others wounded in a motorcycle blast near Noor Plaza on the Abul Hassan Ispahani road in the vicinity of the Mobina Town police station in the city here Tuesday.

According to the details, the blast occurred when men were allegedly transporting explosive material on a motorcycle, and it detonated due to some reason.

The blast damaged gas pipeline and the walls of the nearby houses. Police and rescue team reached at the site of incident  and shifted the injured to the nearby hospital.

During the initial investigation, police claims that, The suspected suicide bombers might target the Eid bazar in the metropolis.

While SHO Mobina town said, they have found some important documents from the criminals and they are investigating into the matter.

While the blast was of high intensity and approximately four kilograms of explosives material was used.