Two including child killed in Lyari building collapse‎

A part of a five-story residential building crumbled in congested locality of Moosa Lane in Lyari Town Thursday Morning, Two people were killed, including seven-year-old girl, AAJ News reported.

A concerned official has said a sizable number of people are feared to have been affected as the building was a residential block with several families living there.

Rescue teams including fire brigade and ambulances are in process to reach at the site and provide needed assistance to the victims.

Two people were killed, including seven-year-old girl while twenty of the victims have been retrieved safe with minor injuries from the dump.

Since the building was located in a thickly populated area, with series of buildings almost perched on other, therefore fire engines and ambulances are finding it difficult to reach close to the collapsed building.

According to eye witness account most of these building are not old, however, absolute disregard for building control authority laws and little care towards proper sanitation had turned many to be a threat for their occupants.