Delayed train service annoy passengers

Almost all the trains were delayed by eight to ten hours due to which thousands of passengers remained stranded at stations while observing fast and no electricity.

Sources said that shortage of locomotives is severely affecting the trains operations across the country, as one locomotive pulls two trains from Karachi to Rohri, causing delay in trains’ schedule.

According to Pakistan Railways sources, Awami Express, Khyber Mail and Khushhal Khan Khatak Express were delayed by 1 to 10 hours while Quetta Express was 5 hours late.

Trains going from Peshawar to Karachi will leave on time, railway sources said.

Pakistan Express and Taizgam that travel from Karachi to Lahore were delayed due to engine failure which took several hours to repair and arrange for alternate engines. As a result, both the trains remained stranded for four hours.

The reason for the delays is outdated and lack of engines, sources added.