PR to introduce new pension payment system

Pakistan Railways has decided to introduce new system for its pensioners, a spokesman of Pakistan Railways, Saeed Akhtar on Sunday said.

Talking to a private news channel, he said that the monthly pension of the retired employees of Pakistan Railways will be transferred directly to their personal bank accounts.

The current number of Pakistan Railways serving employees is 85,000 while the number of pensioners is 150,000 who have to wait in long queues every month at the recommended branches of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), he added.

He said according to the new system, the pensioners have been directed to open account in any bank branch near their homes and submit their account numbers in the relevant railway office.

To a question, he said that Pakistan Railways is planning to run a business train on the basis of public-private partnership, which will facilitate the business community and bring revenues for the railways as fares may be higher than normal.

He said preference would be given to the business train compared to passenger and express trains and it would be ensured that they reach their destinations on time.

He said a contract would be awarded for running two trains one will run from Lahore to Karachi and the other from Karachi to Lahore simultaneously.

Special meals and beverages will be served during the journey which will be part of the agreement, he added.

The spokesman said the proposal was in its final stages and the administration was hopeful that the train would start operating by August 14 this year.