Moderates deplore suspension of US military aid to Pakistan

Moderates, a private think tank, had deplored the suspension of military aid to Pakistan.

“In yet another move revealing the element of mistrust in Pak-US relationship, the United States has now suspended military aid worth USD 800 million. This is very unfortunate given Pakistan military’s continuous cooperation with the US in the War on Terror,” remarked Syed Jawaid Iqbal, Chairman of Moderates, in a statement issued here.

“It is only due to the courage and competence of Pakistan’s armed forces that the Swat Valley is now free of the Taliban. Pakistani soldiers are also fighting and risking their lives in other parts of the country in order to eliminate the menace of terrorism,” he added.

Jawaid opined that suspension of aid – which includes money for training assistance; military hardware and costs of deploying soldiers along the Afghan border, would further complicate the relationship between the two countries and divert attention from the common goal of fighting extremism.

He highlighted how all efforts would go to waste if the US suspended aid based on mere suspicions of Pakistan army’s collusion with militant groups, of which no evidence has been provided.