Artificial jewellery captured market

With the surge in gold prices, artificial jewellery sets have completely taken over the markets that are witnessing a boom across the country.

Artificial jewellery is not only inexpensive but also offers variety of designs and colours. This increasing trend of wearing artificial jewellery is the main reason for the significant drop in the sale of yellow metal for the past few years.

Gold has gone beyond the purchasing power of middle and upper middle class and women have left with no option but to buy artificial jewellery which is readily available in diversified range of designs throughout the country.

A Shopkeeper in Super Market said “It is cheap, safe and in fashion, and women feel secure to wear artificial jewellery instead of gold ornaments”.

Sameen a fashion designer, said “Artificial jewellery is the best options for weddings.They are much cheaper, and we can get any design on order”.

A normal artificial set can be made of silver, 18 carat gold or of brass, copper, 2 per cent silver, semi-precious and artificial stones.

Additionally, there are varieties even in artificial jewellery. Those sets that are heavy are cheaper while those that are lighter in weight are expensive. Usually imported sets are more expensive than local ones.

Usually, sets from India and China, especially India are more preferred by women.

Currently, prices of these sets are increasing day by day as these are not imported directly from India but via Dubai, which increases transportation cost and eventually price of set is also effected.

Besides this, the prices of the metals being used in the making of this artificial jewellery, is also witnessing boom, which is another reason for the surge in the prices of these artificial jewellery sets.