Dressing up is hard work: Emma Watson

She was recently named Hollywood`s Best Dressed Star but Emma Watson says that she finds dressing up quite a “difficult” task.

The 21-year-old prefers a “less is more” approach but says that it is difficult to look age appropriate, reported a website.
“I try to dress age-appropriately, which isn`t actually that easy when obviously high-end clothing is designed for women who are older than I am,” Watson said.

“It`s a fine line to tread between looking smart and looking ready to go on a red carpet but also looking like I`m 21. It`s quite difficult,” she added.

Watson who is the face of Lancome cosmetics has been heavily involved in the advertising campaign.

“It`s funny, the guys at Lancome were like, `You need to be directing, Emma.` I had ideas about every aspect. I`m sure I drove them insane. I was involved in the concept for the ad
and the tag line, `Catch my heart if you can`” she said

“The hat in the ad was my hat, which I bought at a flea market in Paris. I was very involved in the script. It`s been really fun for me,” Watson added.