Power outages make lives miserable

Electricity load shedding has put the students of the country in great difficulty as season of examinations commences.

Electricity shortfall, now reached to 5700 megawatt in the country, has made the lives of people miserable especially students.

Power failures had always been a problem for students, and that thousands of students in the city had taken their matriculation, intermediate, and bachelor examinations during load-shedding hours.

These days students, busy either in examinations or for preparing for coming exams, are the worst affected ones, as exams of Matriculation, B.A are continued and F.A, F.Sc and Allama Iqbal Open University exams are about to start.

Students that are the future of any nation, do suffer because of load-shedding and the examinations, which ensure a fruitful result for the future of a student, have turned into nightmares.

It is not about how students manage light during the examination but it is about the hot weather of country in summer where the load shedding reaches to 12 to 16 hours a day and becomes impossible to sit without a fan for some time.

“In load-shedding and hot weather they are initially unable to take appropriate consecutive six to eight hours sleep and the next hot morning, half sleepy, cranky and dehydrated children go to school, irritated from load shedding, said a mother of three school going children Abida Bano.

In such a situation how will they ensure to bring even passing marks where everyone is tired, annoyed and mentally disturbed?” she added.

March is the month of starting new class sessions and recently many students reported that they could not buy books on time as they were told that the printing was not completed because of load shedding.

A student of F.Sc, Touqeer Ali said: ” If the load shedding happens during the day time while attending the classes, then stopping of fans in the class room make everyone uncomfortable and no one can concentrate on the lesson being taught, even the teacher may become irritated.

He said that students could not prepare for their exams properly, due to which they were not expecting good results.

“My exams will start on the first week of May and it is becoming a nightmare for me to prepare for the exams in hot weather and long hours load shedding”, he told.

He said that on the whole load shedding affects the student concentration and saps our hopes.

Raza Ahmad, another college student told: “In hot and humid weather during load shedding, studying in light of a candle or a lamp because of the unavailability of UPS or generator is strainful to the eyes and stressful to your mind as well.

Sara Khan, teaching in a local school remarked, “In my opinion, load shedding affects only slackers who try to cram everything at exam time, but for those who are systematic and steady, load shedding is not a big deal.

However, the majority of students are slackers and for them load shedding could be a big headache, especially during exam time.