Players should be picked also noting the domestic level performances: Miandad

Pakistan batting great, Javed Miandad on Wednesday said selectors should select only those players who can perform and if the players are not performing then they shouldn’t be kept in the team.

He was of the view that selectors should pick those players who can perform and if the players are not performing then they shouldn’t be kept in the team.

Miandad told APP that a player can learn in the Under-15 and Under-19 stages at the grass-roots level where coaching the players in such a way can prove really healthy.

“Selection should keep in mind the first class cricket and domestic performances of the players while picking them up for selection.”

Miandad, who is currently the director-general of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), told APP that this is not the time for players to learn how to play cricket.

“I believe that if the players want to learn then they should join the National Cricket Academy. If at this stage you want to learn each and everything, then how come that player is in the team.”

Miandad, who was also declared the 44th best cricketer of all time in ESPN Legend of Cricket, said, a clever batsman just needs a tip or two plus tuning and then he is ready to put up some decent score on the scoreboard.

He said he has always told PCB that he is ever ready for the job but this should have been all done before the mega event which was the right time for this experiment.

“I am always ready to help the batsmen during the practice sessions in Pakistan, as I did prior to the New Zealand tour last year,” Miandad told APP.

“The players can come to me anytime and ask anything they want to on and off the field,” he added.

He said the team has an analyst who goes with the team on every tour but I cannot understand what he sees over there because our team doesn’t improve in batting.

Miandad, who holds the world record for the maximum number of consecutive half centuries in ODIs, said an intelligent batsman should know which ball to play, which ball to hit, where to hit and how to hit.

“A batsman cannot just hit any ball,” he said. He said the batsmen performed poorly in the World Cup without knowing which ball to hit, where to hit and how to hit. He said our batsmen should learn how to judge the ball.

“A batsman cannot change the technique or style of his batting once he is playing at the highest level. This is not at all the place at which a batsman can learn the technique of playing cricket. They need to have a proper plan before taking the field to bat.”

Miandad who turned the offer to become the batting coach down on Tueday told APP that if the head coach is an all-rounder then the team won’t have to find coaches of each three areas comprising batting, bowling and fielding.

He was of the view that an all-rounder can teach the team better rather than only a bowler, a batsman or a fielder coach. Miandad said the reasons for his refusal are personal. In addition, he wanted to see how well the team perform on the West Indies tour.

“West Indies is a weaker team as compared to Pakistan and if they don’t do well in this tour then God be with them,” Miandad said.

When asked about reports that former captain Inzamam-ul-Haq is another prime candidate to work with the national team as a batting coach, Miandad said, “He won’t do this job, I know.”

Miandad has played 124 Tests and 233 ODIs and is regarded as one of the best batsman produced by Pakistan.