Govt to provide assistance to Mukhtaran Mai: Rehman

Interior Minister Friday said the federal government would provide security as well as legal assistance to Mukhtaran Mai, a rape victim.

Responding to a point of order in National Assembly he said that the Prime Minister has given him directives to provide security to the lady and the matter.

Earlier, Sherry Redman on a point of order said that the Mukhtaran Mai was fighting for justice from last nine years and only one accused was given life time imprisonment while rest had been acquitted.

She called upon the government to file a review petition for Mukhtaran Mai and also provides her security as she was worried about her life due to the acquittal of other accused.

Meanwhile, MQM leader Haider Abbas Rizvi on a point of order said that the payment of compensation to Budha Khel tribal and Bshandgan tribal for construction Diamir and Bhasha Dams was not equally being distributed, rather the former was being given more money.

He said the Prime Minister during his expected visit to the area should look into the matter to avoid any unjust

PPP-S head Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao appealed the government to take pragmatic measures for maintaining law and order situation in Kurram agency.