Govt gives Rs.35 billions subsidy on petroleum products in March :Hafiz

Federal Minister for Finance, Dr.Abdual Hafeez Sheikh said on Friday that government has given subsidy of Rs.35 billions  on petroleum products during the last month.

Talking to the reporters outside the Parliament House , he said Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) is an independent organization  to decide about prices of petroleum products without any interferenc from the  government.

He said the government had not raised oil prices for long time, inspite of a steep rise in world prices of petroleum products.

Replying to a question , he said that Pakistan imported 85 percent of the required oil and its products from aboard and current increase is because of tense situation in  Gulf region.
To a question,  he said rise in global prices of diesel was 40 percent and Petrol 35 percent and while local increse for diesel is 18 percent and petrol 15 percent.
He said political parties should understand the difficulties of the government and media should inform the public about real picture of petroleum products.
He  said the government is expanding tax-net by identifying 0.7 million eligible tax payers and FBR has alreay issued notices to these people.