Drone attacks are counter productive: PM

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has said that drone attacks are counter productive as the government loses sympathy of local tribesmen in its efforts to isolate militants.In an interview to Russia Today, he said, “We have successfully planned our strategy from military and political points of view. We have to isolate the militants from the local tribes and we have been successful.”He said, “the local tribes are supporting us and not supporting the militants, but once there is a drone attack then the sympathy of the local tribes is created for the militants.
Gilani said the United States has presence in Afghanistan and “we have no problem with their presence in Afghanistan as far as they don’t destabilize Pakistan. We are more concerned about our own national security.”
He said he went to Kabul and talked to President Karzai about issues related to terrorism. “We have realized that we both have sacrificed a lot to fight against the common enemy. Therefore, the realization is a big paradigm shift between Afghanistan and Pakistan.”