CNG station owners to go on indefinite strike from Wednesday

The All Pakistan Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Association in a last-ditch effort will shut down CNG filling stations across Punjab from Wednesday for an indefinite period to press the government to end two-day weekly closure.

The Petroleum Retailers Association will also join the strike to protest the demolition of petrol pumps, low commission rate and cancellation of leases.

The association’s desperate decision is preceded by a series of events and meetings, including those with the government’s highups but of no avail.

Of late, the association held a meeting with CNG and petrol outlets’ owners in Lahore this week, mustering up support for the move against what they describe ‘unjustified’ weekly closure of CNG stations.

However, according to sources, the association could not get round the petrol pumps’ owners in Potohar region to their course of action to resolve the issue.

“Even now in summer season, gas load shedding is still continuing which has no justification at all. We have been continuously in consultation with the government to resolve our issues but couldn’t get any positive response, forcing us to call a strike,” said the association’s chairman supreme council Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha.

He said the association had tried its best to resolve the issue through negotiations but the authorities offered no solid solution.