46th Birth anniversary of Nazia Hassan

The 46th birth anniversary of Pop Icon of Pakistan, Nazia Hassan has been observed on Sunday (today).

The Singing Barbie of Pakistan, Nazia Hassan was born in London to an affluent Pakistani family. His date of birth is on April 3, 1965.

She was gifted with this incredible nasally voice that was plain yet intriguing. Music was simply a hobby for her and she had never considered singing as a career choice.

Nazia Hassan was the most influential and popular female singer and probably the only real pop singer of the 80’s and 90’s in both India and Pakistan.”

Nazia shot into limelight with the Pakistan TV (PTV) programme “Sung Sung” that also featured her brother Zhoaib, who sang a few duets with his sister in “Disco Deewane”.

And, as India, “her music led to a redefinition of pop music in the country and Pakistan’s contemporary music scene owes a huge debt to the talented singer”

Nazia and Zhoaib received not only their education at London, but also studied singing and music there.

Nazia got married to businessman Mirza Ishtiaq Baig in 1995 but this marriage was a failure and she divorced some time before her death.

She had a son called Arez with him, who was three years old when Nazia died in London on August 13, 2000 after a prolonged battle with lung cancer. She was 35.

She is known to be the “Sweetheart of Pakistan” and “The Nightingale of East”. Nazia Hassan is still the symbol of grace, sacred beauty and innocence and is frequently compared to Princess Diana as she was known to possess a heart of gold.