11 die in Daraa clashes: Syria activists, military

At least 11 people were killed in clashes during anti-regime protests in the Syrian city of Daraa Friday — four soldiers shot by “terrorists” and seven civilians killed by security forces, military sources and rights activists said.

Security forces opened fire as “thousands of people” from neighbouring towns tried to “bring aid and food” to the city, besieged by the army since Monday.

“At least seven people were killed and dozens of others were wounded,” an activist at the scene said.

Separately, a military official said “an armed terrorist group attacked a military post in Daraa at dawn,” state news agency SANA reported. “Four soldiers were killed and two were captured.”

However, there have been reports of troops refusing to fire on protesters, and the four soldiers “were killed defending residents,” as tanks and snipers controlled the city, activist Abdullah Abazid said.