Seraiki province to be part of PPP manifesto in next elections: Gilani

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Sunday promised to make Seraiki province a part of PPP’s next election manifesto.

He said this while addressing a big public gathering at  Jalalpur Pirwala stadium, over 90 kilometres from Multan, after inaugurating a 132KV grid station and energizing 71 villages there.

The electricity supply to 71 villages of Jalalpur Pirwala was  ensured under a Rs 220 million scheme.

The Jalalpur Pirwala stadium was jam-packed with the crowd  who responded the announcement with roaring slogans and clapping.    Gilani said that we will safeguard the rights of all the institutions and defend the rights of the institution of parliament. He said, we have neither interfered in the jurisdiction of others nor will we allow others to interfere in ours affairs.

He announced that the support price of agriculture produce would be raised to ensure due return of agri production to the growers.

He said that Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had always extended help to growers and it was her vision that served as the inspiration for the government to adopt a grower-friendly policy that ensured good returns to growers in accordance with the international market.

It was the PPP government that had raised the support price of crops, he said, and reiterated resolve to safeguard the rights of growers to bring about a boom in agriculture sector, the backbone of national economy.

The Prime Minister said that government would complete its five year term as per constitution. People had given us mandate for a period of five years, he added.

He said that those talking about change should not seek five-year performance after just three years. Premier, however, added that people have the right to hold their representatives accountable through ballot after completion of five-year tenure.

Gilani said that PPP has not come to power through the back door and was democratically elected by the party workers and the masses.

The premier said that country wide poverty survey was in progress under Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) and those identified as poor would be enabled to avail health insurance and life insurance facilities.

He said that a list of those who were unable to pay Sui gas or electricity bills was also being prepared so that they can be provided relief.