PPP spurns Zaheeruddin remarks in PA

PPP parliamentarians in the Punjab Assembly on Friday strongly reacted to PML (Q) leader Ch Zaheeruddin’s remarks on Interior Minister Rehman Malik during the PA session with Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan in the chair.

Speaking on a point of order, during the PA session pertaining to the health department, PML (Q) Parliamentary Leader Ch Zaheeruddin passed adverse remarks against Interior Minister Rehman Malik, alleging that FIA Punjab was under the direct influence of the Interior Minister.

PPP members including Nargis Faiz Malik, Ashraf Sohna, Zulfiqar Gondal, Hassan Murtaza, Azma Bokhari, Sajida Mir and others protested against the remarks.

The PA session started two hours 10 minutes behind its scheduled time of 09:00 am.