Nationwide protest against Quran’s desecration

Pakistan has strongly condemned the ‘deliberate desecration’ of the Holy Quran in the US, saying such an act was a threat to religious harmony.

Pastor Wayne Sapp of a small Florida church allegedly burnt the Quran March 20, under the supervision of Pastor Terry Jones, who had earlier threatened to do the same to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack on New York.

People in the country staged protest and shouted slogans against Pastor Terry Jones. The protesters also burnt an effigy of the US pastor.

Activists from Jamiat Ulama e Islam (JUI) torched a US flag during a protest in Karachi.

Foreign Office spokeswoman Tehmina Janjua said Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington and the country’s permanent representative to the UN have sent statements to the US government, highlighting the views of Muslims on the issue.

Muslims across the globe are also protesting and calling it a setback for global efforts to promote harmony.