Turncoats always support dictators: Babar

Federal Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Dr Babar Awan has said that turncoats always support dictators with the help of capitalists in the guise of technocrats.

He was addressing a “Meet the Press” at the Lahore Press Club here on Sunday.

He said that Pakistan could be strong only by strengthening democracy instead of strengthening personalities.

He said that capitalists always created hurdles in the way of reforms but the PPP would continue its journey on the road to reforms for the betterment of the people and the country.

The minister remarked the PPP preferred the continuity of democracy even after criticism and it tolerated it by following the vision of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed.

Congratulating the former provincial ministers of the PPP on getting “freedom”, he said the six PPP ministers had returned their vehicles within six hours of the decision.

He said that no one should follow the politics of personal prestige or pride as there was no papacy or power in democracy.

Paying tributes to the media for efforts for democracy, he said it would expose everything and no hidden hand could work in politics now.

He said the PPP could have formed government in Punjab with the support of independent members of the assembly but it had respected the mandate of the people and supported the PML-N.

Awan said the PPP-led government honoured the 18th amendment when the PML-N presented the 10-point agenda but the PML-N initiated the politics of Changa Manga by ruining the 18th amendment.

He said that lota politics could not be followed without money, adding all political parties should follow the politics of principles.

The minister said the PML-N was responsible for a crash of stock exchanges for the first time in last three years, adding that the economy of the country was improving and the PPP government would be answerable to the people after the completion of five years.

Pointing to the number of Punjab Civil Secretariat employees, he said that it was 932 and only 115 officers served and questioned was it called good governance?

He said that expenditure of the provincial government was Rs 0.6577 million per day while Rs 0.1863 million per day were being spent on VIPs, adding that Rs 119 billions had been spent in last three years which was itself a record.

“What was wrong with the 19-point agenda of the PPP,” he added.

He said the PML-N boasted that it had a team of technocrats which could solve issues within 45 minutes, but what it had done in last two days?

He said that he had come to see canals of honey and milk which the PML-N-led government had dug for the people.

To a question, he said that only politicians could play their role in democracy and hoped that politicians would strengthen it.

The minister said that everything could not be fixed in hours and urged political parties to wait for five years.

He said the nation got pleasure in successes, so let them enjoy victory if it was in cricket or politics.

To another question, he said the PPP realised that the solution of issues was only in parliament and the PPP would play its role of ombudsman in it.

Talking about political change, he said that someone was designing against the constitutional role of the PPP in the senate.

The minister said that there was no possibility of martial law in the country but political parties had to prove their capability.

He said the role of the military was decided in the constitution and democratic forces played a role in governance in line with the constitution.

To a question, he stated the PPP-led government would continue implementing the 10-point agenda of the PML-N as it was sincere to the nation.

He said that both sides of the committee on implementation of the 10-point agenda had agreed that 75 percent of the agenda was implemented.

He said that doors of dialogue were always opened to all parties.

Answering to a question about Raymond Davis, alleged killer of two Pakistanis, he said that supremacy of the constitution and law would be ensured in the issue.

To a question, he said that there was no comparison of Pakistan with Libya, Tunisia and Egypt as Pakistan was a democracy but other countries had never tasted it.

Later, he announced a grant of Rs 2 million for the press club. Former Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed, PPP Women Wing President Faiza Malik and Lahore Press Club President Sarmad Bashir were also present.