Suicide bombing wounds 24 in Afghanistan: police

A suicide car bomb struck the border town of Spin Boldak in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar province on Thursday wounding at least 24 people, a police official said.

“Sixteen civilians have been injured. Six intelligence personnel have been injured, two border police have been injured,” Abdul Razaq, a senior border police official, told AFP.

“The bomber was being chased by the intelligence department. He detonated in the middle of the town. The casualties may rise,” he added.

The attack is the latest in a string of suicide blasts to hit Afghanistan — in the last three weeks more than 100 people including many bystanders have died in six big blasts.

On Saturday, the country witnessed its worst attack since June when 38 people died in a suicide attack on a bank in Jalalabad, eastern Afghanistan.

Southern Afghanistan is seen as the focal point of the war between the Taliban and international and government forces, which has now been running for nearly 10 years.

Kandahar province is the birthplace of Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar and the militia’s spiritual home.