Stability in Pakistan helps global interests

Stability and development in South Asia is not only important for Pakistan but for the world, said Foreign Ministry on Sunday in a reply to U.S. comments on the need for reform in the country.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday that Pakistan is at risk of major instability which threatens the U.S.-led war effort in neighboring Afghanistan and it should implement reforms and stop fomenting anti-American sentiment.

She spoke as U.S.-Pakistan tensions are high over the killing of two Pakistanis by an American national. The U.S. says Raymond Davis, qualifies for diplomatic immunity. But Pakistani authorities have refused to release Davis since the Jan. 27 shooting.

The Foreign Ministry statement replied to Clinton’s concerns by saying it’s in the world’s interest as well to ensure Pakistan remains stable, a reminder who closely tied the interests of the two countries are.

“It is Pakistan’s considered view that stability, peace and development in the South Asian region is not only important for Pakistan but has global ramifications,” it said. The sentiment is one that has been voice previously, but was particularly pointed as it was issued in response to Clinton’s speech.

The ministry also called on the international community to support its attempts to work with neighboring India and Afghanistan to promote stability and development.