Shakira Receives Artist of the Year Award at Sanders

The ushers’ rule prohibiting flash photography did not stop the audience from snapping pictures of Shakira as she appeared on stage to accept the 2011 Artist of the Year award at Sanders Theatre on Saturday.

The Harvard Foundation presented the award to Shakira, a Colombian-born singer, songwriter, and philanthropist, in conjunction with its 26th annual Cultural Rhythms festival, a performance that showcases a variety of performance groups on campus.

The foundation recognized Shakira, born Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, for her contribution to music as well as her humanitarian work with the Barefoot Foundation, whose mission is to promote a better quality of life for children in impoverished areas through education and nutrition.

The award is given annually to artists, scientists, and leaders in honor of outstanding humanitarian work, according to the foundation’s website.

Cultural Rhythms aims to promote intercultural awareness through student performances and ethnic cuisine.