Seema says relations with Cairo to remain good

Pakistan Ambassador to Egypt, Seema Naqvi has said that Pakistan enjoys good relations with Cairo and hopefully it will strengthen with passage of time.

Talking to VOA, she said that Egypt is very good friend of Pakistan and these relations will also remain good in coming days.

She hoped that all matters of Egypt will be settled soon in good manner and situation may return to normalcy soon.

Answering a question about nearly 700 Pakistanis present in Egypt by Sunday last she said that she has written a letter to the Foreign Office to send a chartered plane to evacuate Pakistanis and the Foreign Office is in touch with the Egyptian government to finalize details.

She said she cannot say with surety as to how many days would it take to evacuate Pakistanis.

Seema said that regular security guards have been removed from the Embassies.

She said that nearly 100 people including the staff of Pakistani Embassy is present inside the Embassy and these people can be sent back when any plane will be sent from Pakistan.

She said uprising in Egypt is internal matter of the country and there is no involvement of any other country in the current situation.

She added no one is taking any action against foreigners, including Pakistanis and therefore there is no need of any concern regarding safety of Pakistanis living in the country.

Seema Naqvi said Pakistanis are safe and majority of them live in Cairo.

Seema Naqvi said commodities are not easily available in Cairo but there is no emergency situation.