Raymond Davis should be punished under local laws

Chairman of the Implementation Commission for the 18th Amendment Mian Raza Rabbani said on Tuesday that the US citizen involved in the killing of two Pakistanis should be punished according to the law of land.

Speaking in the Upper House on a point of order, he said if a Pakistani citizen is found involved in crime on a foreign land we are told that he would be dealt in accordance with the law of that country. The case of the US citizen is in the court and it has to give verdict.

Prof. Khurshid on the samw point of order said it was reported in the foreign media that the said US citizen belonged to a private security agency and was not a diplomat. He said the whole nation and the Parliament would protest in case if he is set free.

He asked the government to clear its position on this sensitive issue.

Ilyas Ahmed Bilour while condemning the incident said that the killer should be brought to justice.

Humayun Haroon demanded that the person whose vehicle crushed a third Pakistani should also be produced before the court as no one was above the law.